How One Engineer Started an ASL Class at Yelp

To celebrate Deaf Awareness Week we’re excited to highlight our biweekly American Sign Language (ASL) classes. The origin of ASL classes at Yelp remains a mystery, but Yelp folklore leads us to believe that they were started by one Yelp engineer who wanted to communicate freely with a hearing-impaired teammate.
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At Students Rising Above, I help manage the blog calendar by editing, writing, and posting blog content on a weekly basis.

See a selection of blog posts I've written for SRA here.

Video content creation

For College Signing Day, I collected videos and photos from students to splice together into this video, used on social media and in an e-newsletter celebrating SRA students making their college decisions.

At Students Rising Above's 20th Anniversary Celebration, I created these two videos to be displayed prominently in the Autodesk Gallery as guests mixed and mingled.

At United Way Bay Area, I interviewed individuals and attended events to create stories. 

See a selection of these blog posts below, and find additional posts here.

Spotlight: Jack Avery, Public Policy Intern at United Way Bay Area

A recent graduate from UCLA and current Public Policy intern at UWBA, Jack Avery is a motivated young professional ready to tackle his career. His journey with UWBA didn’t start with this summer internship though. Jack was previously a youth in our MatchBridge program, which places young people in jobs and internships that enable work-based learning. He then secured an internship at the law firm, Reed Smith LLP...

Spotlight: Erik Kristjanson, Client Development at McKinsey & Company

Erik Kristjanson shines as a UWBA Emerging Leader. By day, he works within the New Ventures Client Development team at McKinsey & Company (a global management consulting firm) and in his spare time he is an active member of UWBA’s Emerging Leaders -- a premier network of young professionals committed to uniting their resources, talents, and time to helping us in our fight against poverty in the Bay Area.

As Programs and Communications Intern at AI4ALL, I help edit blog posts and create graphics for social media.

See examples below. Each graphic links to a blog post I helped transcribe & edit.

As an assistant blog editor for IESC, I wrote 10 blog posts for International Connections

Posts worked to build a strong international community on campus. Find a link and a short extract of each post below.

Studying Made Easy - Tips and Tricks // Even though it feels like O-Week just ended, it’s unfortunately time to put that wristband away and really focus on studying, especially with midterms approaching before you know it. Fear not, with these handy tips and resources you’ll get through the exam period in a breeze.  [Read More]

Everything You Need to Know to Survive Canadian Winter // If this is your first time experiencing Canadian winter, or you need a refresher on just what you should be doing when that first snow fall hits the ground, then this post is for you!  [Read More]

The Importance of Consent // Sexual violence and consent can be topics that are difficult to talk about, but they are important to understand, especially when we consider that 1 in 4 North American women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, rates of sexual assault are five times higher for women under the age of 35 and rape culture is not only present but growing on campuses. These facts aren’t meant to scare you, but rather demonstrate how important it is today to understand how sexual violence persists... [Read More]

The U.S Presidential Election // This year’s U.S. presidential election has been dominating the media for several months now, all culminating to the final election on November 8th. The United States is a large country that has a global economic impact, this explains why the election has been at the forefront of international media. [Read More]

International Week at Western // This year’s annual week-long event, dedicated to celebrating diversity and Western’s international community is from November 21st to November 25th. Join us for a week of fun-filled cultural activities to learn more about the various international opportunities that students have, as well as learning more about cultural diversity. [Read More]

What's Your Bravest Moment? // For this post, we asked students what their bravest moments were and if they had any tips for students in their first year. [Read More]

The Importance of Leadership // Leadership is the ability to inspire and influence others, and it is a skill which can be difficult to master. Individuals with strong leadership skills are important, as they are able to ensure that tasks are completed and they make sure that projects of all kinds are running smoothly. [Read More]

Hidden Gems on Campus // Whether you’ve been at Western for 4 years, or whether it’s your first semester, there are many little-known spots for you to explore while you’re here. Take a look at the locations below and see if there are any places that you might have to add to your checklist. [Read More]

Your Guide to Reading Week  // Reading Week is the perfect time to relax and gear up for the rest of the semester. If you’re staying in London for reading week, there are plenty of things you can try out. [Read More]

Book Recommendations // For this post, we asked students to share their favorite books on our social media, all of which are listed below. Check out the compilation below and add a few books to your reading lists. [Read More]

A sample of the 500+ graphics created for Yelp's Pinterest Page
An image of the feature I wrote about endangered species for Earthjustice's Quarterly Magazine - Winter 2017 issue.
An example of an image created to promote an action alert.
Created to promote Earthjustice's "Endangered Species Act" action alert.
Created as part of a series for Earthjustice's End of Year Campaign.
Another graphic I created to to promote Earthjustice's End of Year fundraising campaign.
Created as part of a series for Earthjustice's End of Year Campaign.
Promoting a blog post
Promoting an opportunity to vote for Earthjustice to win funding from Credo.
Created to promote a blog post that featured Earthjustice supporter quotes and comments.

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